März 2013

girl holding a poster

girl… holding a poster

girl no. 3 | 25.03.2013

girl... with a bicycle

girl… with a bicycle

girl no. 2 | 23.03.2013

balance is the basis to drive with a bicycle. when I think about myself when I learned to ride a bike. it’s a very long time ago and I can’t remember correctly. but I know it was a very special feeling as it went well.

girl... on a swing

girl… on a swing

girl Nr. 1 | 21.03.2013

…on a swing

flower sketch


sketch of a black & white flower. ink on paper.

girl paints a wall

Girl paints a wall


BANAM sketch

BANAM sketch – bubble style on a checkered paper

puppet sketch

puppet sketch

Another sketch in my pocket book