März 2013

girl holding a poster

girl… holding a poster

girl no. 3 | 25.03.2013

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girl... with a bicycle

girl… with a bicycle

girl no. 2 | 23.03.2013

balance is the basis to drive with a bicycle. when I think about myself when I learned to ride a bike. it’s a very long time ago and I can’t remember correctly. but I know it was a very special feeling as it went well.

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girl... on a swing

girl… on a swing

girl no. 1 | 21.03.2013

The girl on the swing is the first girl that I have painted. I was inspired by the thought of a sad girl who sits alone in garden on a swing. It carries a dotted black dress and a plugged-in flower band in her hair. With the feeling of weightlessness, touched by the wind and the rustle of the leaves. What are her thoughts? Why is she so thoughtful? That’s up to each own…

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flower sketch


sketch of a black & white flower. ink on paper.

girl paints a wall

Girl paints a wall


BANAM sketch

BANAM sketch – bubble style on a checkered paper

puppet sketch

puppet sketch

Another sketch in my pocket book